About us


Inexpa is a leading project management firm specializing in the provision of personalized and client focused project management and site administration services. We serve local and multinational clients who are expanding their base operations, and are keen on ensuring that their capital investments are delivered with the requisite safeguards.

We do this through creative thinking coupled by mobilising and managing professionals in project teams made of Quantity Surveyors, the various levels of Engineering, Architects, Designers and other implementing partners. We harness these resources and organize them into a unit, which on deployment, acts with a single sense of purpose for the benefit of client. Consequently, we have developed efficient operational processes, tools and management skills at all levels to deliver projects successfully within cost, scope and quality parameters.

With over 25 years of project management excellence, Inexpa continues to demonstrate unmatched ability to exceed customer expectations. We become, think, feel and act in tandem with the client. Through continuous expertise development, we are evolving into a regional presence in the industry.

Our Vision

To be the Project Management service provider of choice.


To provide quality and personalized project management services by way of our reliable expertise, best practices and dependable implementing partners.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is rooted on using the Inexpa way to save our customers money and time, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency, advance best practices and maximise positive long term project outcomes.

Research & Development

At Inexpa, research is an integral part of our modus operandi. We believe that the future is being built using today’s information. As a result, we are encouraging an ambience for personal and organizational development through which tomorrow’s game-changing innovation will emerge.

Focus Markets

Our focus markets are multinational corporations with a regional and worldwide presence.


We employ the use of various laser measuring and levelling tools to interrogate the quality of base buildings and accurate set outs by highlighting design flaws before work progresses to the next stages. These are superb time saving and great accuracy tools that continue to give us a competitive edge in the industry.