Quality Control & Assurance


All project teams are bound by a policies and code of ethics that embodies quality. This means that all materials used on the site have to comply with the approved quality standards.


All contractors and suppliers are competitively sourced through our central procurement department.


We regularly monitor project progress against drawn values to protect clients against over billing, delays and substandard work.


We certify valuations issued by a Quantity Surveyor by way of bona fide Inexpa branded payment certificates.


For the quality of services we provide, our rates are competitively benchmarked against other industry players.


To forestall project delays and rising costs associated with project risks, we have developed a risk and response criteria dedicated to anticipating and appropriately responding in the shortest time possible.


Whereas we work smart and fast, we remain stringent on quality and adhere to project timelines as set in the master plan.


Inexpa respects contractual obligations as set out in the service contract. We also ensure products have guarantees and manufacturer warranties for defects.


We require that our implementing partners sign service contract for long term maintenance options.